Nine Cookbooks to Live By



Korean Family Foods

When my brother went to live in South Korea for a few years he asked me what I wanted him to bring back for me. I had already started building my international cookbook collection and South Korea was next on my list. It was perfect. My brother sent this book back to me and my first real international cooking challenge began. Most of the challenge lies in translation and conversion. Food recipes follow similar patterns all over the world, but it can get tricky when converting between two such different languages as English and Korean. But this soup is worth every bit of confusion. This is the best bone broth soup you will ever have.

Sagol-gomtang (Beef Bone Soup)

Wash the beef bone and reduce the blood in cold water for an hour.

Cut half of the cleaned green onions into small pieces and chop the rest into larger pieces.

Put the bones, larger green onion pieces and the whole garlic into a large stock pot. Add enough water to cover, plus a bit extra and boil uncovered.

After 20 minutes, turn the heat down to a simmer. Cook 5-6 hours, or until brisket is fall apart soft.

When the brisket is done scoop out and save the ingredients. Cool the soup and skim off fat and grease.

Thinly slice the brisket and evenly season with the minced green onion, minced salt, pepper, soy sauce and sesame oil.

Return the brisket pieces to the pot and boil in the broth for an additional 10 minutes.

In a seperate pot boil the noodles according to directions and then wash in cold water. Drain and place in a soup bowl. Add the broth and brisket and serve.